No business can survive without marketing. You may have the best of products or services, but it is useless until it reaches the consumers.

Marketing is about identifying and reaching the prospective consumers. It is about making new customers by creating need for your offering. Marketing is the backbone of any business. But it is vast, so where do you start?

Start with RS4RP.

Marketing as a function is vast, and there is no one marketing strategy that works for all. Every business needs a marketing strategy to identify and reach their target segment.

To attain your marketing objective, we help you formulate your marketing strategy, be it traditional or digital. We ensure maximum reach with right positioning and image.

Our consultants help you create a detailed marketing plan, determine the marketing message, and identify the marketing mix to reach your target segment. They then work with you to execute and implement the marketing strategy. Hence, we facilitate both marketing strategy and implementation.

Our specialists indulge in social media marketing, online marketing and digital marketing to manage your presence across the web.

Our services include Online Marketing, Nonprofit Marketing, Copywriting, Direct Response Marketing, Social media marketing and managing social media marketing platforms, Search engine marketing and search engine optimization, Reputation management, Image and brand awareness, Consumer behavior and customer psychology.

We also help you monitor the results to realize the efficacy of our marketing strategies, and make necessary changes when necessary. Through our marketing tools, you can monitor your social media channels and website traffic.

All in all, we are a one stop shop for all your marketing goals.  We specialize in 60second videos for Instagram and up to 15 minutes for youtube and other media content.  Video marketing is what helps you go viral fast.  Contact us today for pricing and see below for a sample.

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