Our Business Services

Legal Protection

We offer business-related legal services such as legal correspondence, legal consultation, trial defense services and other legal services.

All your legal questions are answered by your assigned licensed attorneys. Also, in case your business needs trial defense, representation will be provided by our law firm.

We strive hard to protect your business, and in our endeavor, we offer quality legal consultation at discounted rates for all topics above and what’s included in your selected legal plan.

Identity Theft Protection

Identity theft is rampant nowadays and we recognize how important protecting your identity can be, as a result we offer multi million dollar protection in case it’s stolen to remedy and restore it back to pre theft condition.

In our endeavor to protect you against this menace, we indulge in constant security monitoring, privacy monitoring, social media monitoring.

We have 24 hour a day customer support to help in case of an emergency situation, and ongoing monitoring of black market sites to ensure your identity is not being sold by unauthorized individuals.

Credit Building

We help you build your personal and business credibility, with the help of our skilled agents. Our experts help you decipher the secret formula used by lenders for approval.

By helping our clients meet lending requirements even before they apply, we enhance their chance of approval.

We assist our clients in filing for corporation identity, proper licensing and setting up their presence through media. We help them with all applications and business structure.

We also have a great do it yourself platform for personal credit repair, that has all the laws and strategies to beat the creditors and collection agencies at their own game.


We explore and educate our clients about the different funding possibilities, for both personal and business purposes.

By making sure they qualify for funds, with their newly acquired credit profile, we ensure smooth transition into the world of good credit and functioning of their businesses.

Our clients can sit back and enjoy running their business, without having to worry about sufficient funds for their business ever.

Individuals who live the ‘good’ life with good credit can now personally guarantee if need be’, with no hesitation or complications.


Marketing as a function is vast, and there is no one marketing strategy that works for all. Every business needs a marketing strategy to identify and reach their target segment.

We help you formulate your marketing strategy, be it traditional or digital. We ensure maximum reach with right positioning and image.

We facilitate both marketing strategy and implementation. Through our marketing tools, you can monitor your social media channels and website traffic

Human Resource Management

Human Resource is the biggest asset for any business, and human resource management requires tools and processes.

We help you craft the most competitive human resource processes in place, as systemizing HR activities can save you both time and energy.

We help you create employee handbooks and HR documents for smooth functioning of your business, and to help you maintain records for future references.

More importantly, hiring the right person and treating them well is key to a good functioning business and work environment.

We help you with keen innovative strategies to hire the right person and retain them with proper training and mutually beneficial relationship building strategies. Happy worker keeps up good work!

Tax Preparation

Tax preparation is not only tedious but tricky as well. It can be the most challenging aspect of your business, as without appropriate knowledge you may end up filing the wrong amount.

Our expert advisors can ease you by preparing and filing taxes for you and your business. Also, we can suggest investment avenues to help you save money in taxes.

We will expose you to the most financially viable schemes to help you minimize taxes and increase investments in the process. How does zero tax liability sound?

Debt Collection

Debt Collection can be challenging for most businesses. In worst case scenarios, it can lead to heavy losses.

We can help you set up precautionary measures to minimize defaulters. Also, our experts can guide you through the legalities of having a debt recovered.

You can have debt collection letters sent by attorney, on behalf of your business. And for an additional cost, can make calls as well.


We all agree on the fact that all businesses require truckloads of documentation at every step of their business. A new project, a milestone, a business proposal or something as simple as hiring a new employee, requires documentation.

We can overcome this challenge of loads of documentation, for you. Our consultants have both experience and resources to manage enormous amounts of documentation in minimum time.

You can also have your contracts and documents reviewed by our experts, before signing.

Business Strategy

We can work on your business strategy from beginning to end. We take into consideration every aspect of business, be it planning, organizing, staffing, directing or controlling.

We can also review your current strategy and devise plans to make it more profitable.

Expert opinion by our trained consultants can help you make more money in lesser time frames. Also, we can help you formulate a future plan of action by deriving forecasts and projections for your business.


Business Consultant Services

We indulge in all aspects of business consultancy, by facilitating the best of resources and channels.

We can guide you through the entire process of starting and running a business. We can help you build and maintain e-commerce websites in no time, with absolute ease.

You can seek our assistance on anything or everything business related. Leave your worries to us and enjoy your passion, your business.