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About us

Our Experience

With 18 years of entrepreneurial life cycle experience, we know what is required to have a successful business. We have experts in the area of marketing, start-up assistance, franchising, invention, trademark/patent, funding, asset protection, corporate anonymity, and buy-sell/acquisition assistance. 

Why Us?

Having a mentor in business is as crucial as oxygen.  Do you think you can survive without oxygen?  

We specialize in business growth and expansion. We understand there are some things that business owners just do not know, but we focus on educating the client to help them get ahead and beat out competitors.  

For this reason is why using RS4RP can change the trajectory of your business. Our team has the expertise, common and book knowledge, life experience, and through trial and error have experienced most things in business. 

As a result of these experiences we can help you get over any hurdle with ease. Why lose time, energy, and money if we can help you avoid that uncomfortable feeling. With our strong, but helpful hand we will help you aim high and reach the next level in your business's life.

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